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Polishing and Refinishing

When it comes to antique furniture, the right chair, desk or cabinet can certainly improve the look of your lobby, waiting area or any room in your home. However, scratched up or damaged furniture can hurt your overall image. Don't toss it or ignore it, simply restore it.

Often times, the damage is minor and can easily be fixed on-site by our refinishing experts. We use water-based, environmentally friendly systems to ensure no harmful chemicals are used indoors. This allows us to work in your office, home or anywhere else you need us.

Polishing is a simple process that can really make a difference. Consider an old desk that’s seen years of hard work. When the wood has faded, polishing might be the simplest way to revive your antique furniture and help you save on costly replacements.

Whether your antiques need refinishing or polishing, the cost of enhancing the product is significantly less than what it would cost to replace it. Email us today!

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